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irssi? in MY notifications center?

As I've said before, I'm constantly working in the shell and have found many ways to improve my flow since I began working this way. I also like to keep in contact on IRC to give out help on Ruby, JS or Rails (and constantly learn in the process), chat with friends, or discuss open-source projects. I use irssi to connect to Freenode, a shell client, and I wondered if it would be possible to get Notifications Center to listen in on my chats and let me know when I get new messages. Thanks to alloy's powerful terminal-notifier, I can!

weaning off oh my zsh

Since December 2011, I've been working with ZSH, an alternate shell for *nix-based operating systems which has conventions similar to BASH, ZSH adds a number of more modern features to the standard shell fare, such as more customization options for your prompt and extendable autocompletion. To get started on it, I've employed the lovely Oh My ZSH framework which helps to organize your ZSH settings (.zshrc) and use functionality developed by others so you can explore the wonderful possibilities of this awesome shell.