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incorporating ultrabeat into my workflow

Thanks to The Architech coming over and showing me some of the more interesting features of Ultrabeat, my drum composition has changed tremendously. I used to use ReDrum, a noble and wonderful little drum machine packaged into Reason, because of its familiar look-and-feel (its UI is modeled after the TR-909) and dead-simple feature set that was not only easy to comprehend, but easy to manipulate in a live setting. But composing in ReDrum has its drawbacks, and composing in Ultrabeat works better with the way I think drums ought to be composed in electronic music. However, this presents an interesting problem: since my live setup relies on Reason for drum beats, how am I going to get Ultrabeat patterns and sounds in Reason? So now you have Reason set up to read MIDI from Ableton, and to pump drum audio back into the sequencer through 3 separate tracks. This is the way I do things live and at home, and I hope it helps your workflow because it's certainly helped mine!