a new beginning

So here we go, another new layout and another re-hash of this blog's content. I threw away the last two iterations (still have the data, though) of this blog, because I was unsatisfied with the poor content on it. So let's start again.

This will be a blog about programming, music, philosophy, and everything in between.

first of all, the blog

This blog is not in its final design. I just felt like I needed a place online to express my feelings and my experiences throughout life, and regardless of what it looks like I feel as though it needs to be on my domain, at all costs. That's why I've made deployment as easy as possible. All I have to do is a git push to my remote server, and the hook on the remote will generate the Jekyll site on http://psychedeli.ca, which will then push the update directly to the userbase. Pretty nifty, I think!

burning man

I'll be attending Burning Man this year, but I will not be performing. Instead of gifting music to the playa, I've decided to make this year my vacation. Sometimes I tend to get rather stressed out before and after performing, and I don't want that to encroach on my good time this year on the playa. This year, I'll be gifting something very different to the denizens of Black Rock City. In exchange for a free ride to and from the playa, I'll be driving a 24' Budget truck for another camp, Club Verboten, out of Reno. This is interesting on two levels: First of all, while I have driven rental trucks I've never driven one this big, so that's going to be an adventure in itself getting onto the desert in this thing. Second, I'm going to arrive in Black Rock City about two days before the festival starts. I hear it's a great time, and a unique experience in and of itself, to see the playa before it's really built up.

the wonder bars

We're currently recording our first album! Aaron and Jules and I are prepared to do live recordings of the instruments and finally realize a project that's been literally two years in the making. We have not decided on how we are going to distribute this album. We also have not determined the length of the album just yet, as I've begun to collaborate with other members of the band on a few more tracks than the initial planned 12 that I've written entirely. A full post about that is coming soon.

i'll be seeing you

Well, that's about it. I'm committed to writing more in this thing about my future experiences, as I think it would be a good idea for my own mental health if I could get a lot of these feelings off my chest.

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